The Beast

“Where am I?”
I looked around. The only light was coming from a slit in the wall of the cave. I looked down at myself. I was wrapped in a spiderweb-like substance. I broke free. Walking around, I saw people sleeping in the web-like substance I was in. A woman my age woke up.
“When did you get here?” she asked.
“I’m not quite sure,” I responded. “What is this place?”
“It’s lair”
At that moment, we heard footsteps. Big ones.
“Hurry! Pretend to be dead. It only likes fresh meat.”
I took her advice and laid down, limbs sprawled out on the floor. It walked in, and picked up a man who sounded a little younger than me. He screamed in terror, and the beast walked off. I never got a look at it, for fearing that if I did, I would certainly scream in fright.
After a about half an hour, eyes closed, not knowing what to do or think, the monster came back. I walked towards me. It reached down and picked me up. The claws dug into my back. I tried to scream for help as the monster slowly dovoured my flesh.

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