I jumped. The little moth was flying around my head. Why did I have to be so afraid of them?
It was getting closer, so I backed away. He seemed to get closer and closer. My breathing sped up.
What’s it going to do to you?
The moth was a few feet away from me.
Stop it. It can’t do anything.
I saw another one. Great. I started to walk away, but there was another one. And another. And another. Soon, there was a swarm of them.
Try to keep calm.
Then, they started to land on me. I was stiff with fright.
What’s happening? Why me?
My arm was covered. Then my other. The moths were covering my body. I was scared stiff. All of those little legs, crawling on me. The little eyes. The moths were crawling over my face, in my nose and mouth. I couldn’t breathe.
I awoke, covered in sweat.
A little moth was perched on my windowsill, basking in the light of the moon.

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