Exotic Creature Inspiration [Sing-Song Challenge]

“Golly, what do ya think it is, Clem?”

“Dunno, Rufus, but it sho’ is ugly. How do ya figger it got purple?”

“Mo of a puce, really.”



“Are those wangs?”

“Dunno. They ain’t arms tho. Hey, mebbe it’s a unee-corn.”

“Aw, don’t be stupid, Rufus. Thems look like horses. This ain’t no horse. It’s tee-totally unique.”

“Sho nuff, Clem. Say, don’t you think it’d make fer a good song?”

“Hmm, I allays say, if’n ya can’t picture Hank Williams singin’ it, it ain’t a good song.”

“No, no, no, I means one of them novelty songs.”

“Fair nuff, fair nuff. You’s the Dr. Demento fan, not me. Only one thing tho, Clem.”

“What’s that, Rufus?”

“Mebbe you could come up with a better ending to the song than that I dun freaked out an shot it to death?”

“Sho, sho. Somethin’ happy, like it gone got famous er somethin.”

“That’d make fer a cute story, fo sho. But, one mo thing, Clem.”

“Yeah Rufus?”

“Could ya leave out the part where I peed ma-self?”

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