The Crane Wife 2 [Sing-Song Challenge]

They survived the winter in each others arms, and when the frost had melted and warmth began to permeate the air the woman would go for walks by the cliffs in her beautiful dresses. The neighbors, both woman and men, were captivated by her beauty and the wondrous things she wore. The man saw opportunity, the man saw wealth.

Collected rags and a loom were a gift to the woman, the man gave her a room and told her to do what she loved. The clothes that left the room were beautiful, stunning and breathtaking. At first they were just sold to neighbors, but word spread and men from the city requested many dresses. The man and the woman thrived, the house became a mansion and the field that refused to grow crops was sculpted into a garden of pond and stone.

The woman loved the man, and the callouses on her fingers were a small price to pay for the endless love he had shown her. So she created clothes, and when she wasn’t creating clothes she would enjoy her walks. Staring out at the sea with a longing in her eyes.

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