Everything he ever wished for. ( Friday October 13, 1307 -The Last Day of The Knight's Templar)

“My Lord, i have news.”
“The Templar’s have cut the aqueduct,we will die.”
The Sheik Al Sandra sat down his infant son and opened a dirty sack containing two oil lamps.
“Two lamps?”
“Fear not Kanji. Allah’s will is resolute!”
“Why are there 2?”
“In the cave at Qumran, before being crowned, i found two lamps.”
“Sire do you have wishes left?”
“I have only used one.”
“Yes sire, against Zimbizi who marched 50,000!”
“That was not the lamp.The1st Djinn told me if i wished him free, he would tell me the secret of the lamp; he told me the last 1000 wishes and outcomes. I wished him free.”
“So you will use it to destroy the Templars?”
“Yes, give the Templars this lamp.”
Do as i say
Kanji delivered the lamp, and within minutes the invaders were seized by soldiers carrying the Pope’s banner, and then jailed or murdered.
The Sheik told his infant son,”The Knight wished for this day, Friday the 13th to be a day always remembered.He didn’t know wish# 979,15th of March Julius Caesar.”

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