One Vampire, One Werwolf, One Forbidden Love, P.41

That night went smoothly. My father came to check on me and thankfully I was still in my room. Then slaying was easy tonight, not very many vampires. I woke in the morning feeling hopefull but then I heard him…

“Thanks Aunt Deb, great pancakes!” I heard Ralph’s phony cheerful voice downstairs.

“Yeah Aunt Deb, these are delicious!” A chorus said all together.

The little demons. I thought, jumping out of bed and throwing clothes on. I hurried through my morning duties, fear of my five cousins downstairs shook my body. “I wonder what they told my mom they were here for?” I muttered to myself as I finally made it downstairs.

“M!!” My mom said cheerfully, “look who’s here, your cousins!” Her voice was over enthusiastic.

“Great!” I said sarcastically, glaring at Ralph who smiled menacingly. The urge to pull my lip back over my teeth and growl was almost unbearable. “Well, school’s waiting, I think I’m gonna walk today mom. See ya later!” I marched out the door, Ralph trailing along behind me.

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