Ain't as Typsy as i Let On' (The Long Patrol Chapter 9)

“Jehzi, you sure been drinkin alot.”
“I been thirsty.”
“I just mean them boys that Edge had to ride with us, i dont think they was lookin at your pettie coat.”
“I know that i ain’t dumb?”
“Then why did you hit em with that bottle and run em off.”
“Yont pay a tenshun! ”
“Quill pull that smoke wagon outa that sheath.”
“The rifle.”
“Oh, ok. with the rifle but had trouble drawing it and holding the reigns.
“It’s cause your husband packed it fer ya left handed.”
“Ringo aint left handed.”
“I know he is left eye dominant so he shoots like a lefty. Them boys behind us all had them rusty colts too high on there belts to draw right, i didnt trust em back there and i damn sure wuttin lettin em mach me miss my shot.”
“I see.”
“Plus we ont’ need em, yack has a peacemaker and a Sharp’s rifle, and spec has a pocket full of shells an old bowie knife and a saddle bag full of dynamite. Edge knows Yack like i know a dance hall.”
“Cause Yack’s my ex husband, and Edge’s brother.”

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