Limited Options

My mouth couldn’t form words; my brain couldn’t concieve them. A thief? My father?
Jay couldn’t stop smirking. “Surprised?” All I could do was nod.
“So… what does this man have to do with me?” I mustered after my temporary muteness.
“He could tell the richest man out of a crowd of millionaires,” Len began.
“So we’re hoping,” the Stringbean continued.
”... he passed that trait to his daughter,” concluded Jay dramatically. Boss nodded.
“Why?” The room exploded with laughter.
Why? You see this place? You see us? We’re flat broke!” Len barked. “None v’us can scrounge enough to keep the four of us afloat for a week.” These mongrols wanted me to steal? For them?
“Do it yourself!” I screeched, tearing for the door. I was seconds from freedom when I was pulled to the floor by my skirt; someone had flung their dagger across the room to snare me by my skirt.
“You’re not going anywhere chickie,” Stringbean hissed; all four stalking over me like wolves to a wounded fawn, ready to pounce.

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