Shooot Low.(The Long Patrol Chapter 10)

The two hunters stalked their prey in stealth till a snicker from Edge broke the silence.
“What’s tickled ya?”
“Next time you shoot some outlaws could you make sure they arent riding pony sized mules.”
Ringo saw their shadows and chuckled, “They better shoot low.”
“Hey Ringo, does Quill know it was Spec what kilt her paw?”

Ringo was rewound to the night his gang robbed the 696 Union pay train.
“What’s keep’n Spec all he had to do was get that ole coot to open the safe.”
“Spec blew the safe!”
Ringo turned around when he heard Edge’s voice and saw him carrying an unconscious girl and teenage boy over his shoulders, ” These kid’s were in there when it blew,Spec cut their paw’s throat, we better get them over to Doc Quill’s.”

He came out of his dream when he saw the oversized gunslinger on the tiny mule and replied,”No and she ain’t ever gonna, i’m onna kill im first.”

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