The Lonely Star

I lay there. Floating in a sea of thoughts. Staring up at the tranquile night sky. The lonely star. The bright moon. They seemed so close, but really I knew they were millions of miles apart. They reminded me of something. You and me. You, the lonely star. The only thing I can see on my horizon. The only thing out in my universe. Me, the moon. Bright and hopeful. But how long can that hope really live. How long can the one star be enough in the vast darkness?

But what is this? Appearing so close to the lonely star. Barely visible, so small. A new star? A new hope? A new prospect? Its faint but its there. And who knows? Maybe it will shine brighter as time moves on. Maybe it will out shine that up until now lonely star. Maybe its glow will grow so bright it will extinguish that other star. Extinguish that star and all the memories attached to it. After all, stars don’t last for ever. Just seems like it.

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