A long way from home.(The Others Chapter 5)

The fragile girl rose to a monk-like fetal position,with her delicate shape swaying like the corkano trees that made her home in Therinium the most regal place in the galaxy. Her eyes were light years from the freezing filthy efficiancy apartment.

Her dirty and bruised lips mumbled,�Mamua, wake, Mamua, papua wake.� All she perceived through traumatic eyes were unspeakable horrors. Filled with rage and bloodlust, Major Sax Coburn killed her Mamua, Papua,and slaivas; he was never even punished because he claimed that he was..

Jared said,“Anna, snap out of it he was not our Papua, he was a liar, a murderer, and a r.r..ra. He is a filthy peasant and we are of noble birth. A Therinium Dutches would mate with a HUMAN NEVER ! We may have been banished here but these aren’t our people.â€?
“But, Jared he.. he looked like.. you,â€? Anna stammered.

“Annalesse Eleclaire humans say they are created in the image of God,so just because things look alike doesn’t make them blood bound. We will return from exile.â€?

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