Last of the clan of Eleclaire.(The Others Chapter 6)

He kept her warm with his body, almost as if his heart being pressed against her chest was the only thing keeping it beating.
Jared knew he needed sleep because in a few parsait’s or seven thirteenths of an hour as the humans used, he would have to go to his new job in the factory.
“Earthian greed. Bastards, their factories caused the droughts and when the Eleclaire’s were secretly planning to rid Therinium of them. They find a way to destroy the ten thousand year old tribe of Eleclaire.I am going to kill Major Sax-Coburn if i have to live as a slovinia in this hovel forever.”
Even though he was fighting exhaustion he removed both his and the sleeping girl’s clothes,to wash out the toxins in the rusty water. He slipped under the cover with his sister, and laughed to himself at the site of her hand laced panties (Slavias spent a year on two pair) on the line next to her drying clothesâ€?. He held her porcelain skin breathlessly tight and chuckled,â€?_Under beggar’s rags lie stately panties_.â€?

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