The Beginning

Attention all scouts of the Akronia area…
You are formaly invited to partake in the new ‘Challenge of the Worlds’. You and your reliable fighter and team up with up to three other participates to battle challengers from as far away as Kreatalia and maybe even from your own neighborhood. The top three scouts or groups will recieve 100,000 Kellos!

The challenge starts on 456.87.98467….

Don’t be late!

The girl looked up from the flyer, looking over at a cat-like beast. She smiled at it saying, “I think this might be for us Fang. You ready to show the world what we’re made of?”

The creature called Fang smiled, showings it’s long fangs. It purred happily, it’s tail contently swishing.

“I think its time to call our old friends Keylala and Vardon. I think they will be very interested in this, don’t you? If they haven’t heard about already that is.” The girl said, still smiling.

She turned to look out beyond the cliff the two had their camp on, out into the dense jungle below.

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