A Night's Sky

He listened to her heavenly music. Each note filled his mind with peace and his heart with happiness. He closed his eyes, forgetting the world around him. Forgetting the bar, the people, everything. The only things in existence were him and the music.

The piano moved him, saying nothing but explaining everything. It felt as if, for one single moment in time, he had the answers to life. The universe was at peace. Words like “hate” didn’t exist, and never had.

The darkness and the music made him feel at home. He nerver wanted to leave this marvelous euphoria. Never…

One last, beautiful note, and the song was over. His eyes opened at the sound of clapping. He began to clap too, when he realized he was smiling.

He saw her taking a bow, and then coming toward him. An angel could never be as beautiful as she was to him at that moment. Despite the dimness of the lights, her black hair glistened as if she was followed by a ray of sunlight. And, her eyes glowed like bright stars in a night’s sky.

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