Moving up in the world.(The Others Chapter 7)

Major Sax Coburn stood before the inquiry commission of the Galactic East India Trading Company.
“So Major, you killed the Eleclaire Family, and they didn’t prosecute you’ because you claimed you had sired duchess Eleclaire’s children. Why didn’t they just DNA test the children?”
“Your honor’s that was the beauty of it, the Therinium people have a condition only a handful of humans have ever been affected with, called chimerism. In humans with chimerism, they will contain two sets of DNA , however a theriniuman contains thousands of sets. That is why the claim of an unfaithful noble is in their eyes worthy of death, because there is no way to verify their pure bloodline. Mamua’s baby papua’s maybe.”
“Major what if you would have been executed?”
“Your honors that was secondary to the interest of the East India Trading Company, and Her Majesty.”
“Gentlemen i don’t think we need to hear anymore. I put forth the motion that Major Sax coburn of the Queens Royal Navy be promoted to Full Colonel.”

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