Allies in strange place.(The Others Chapter 8)

The ominous organ-like machines pounded a drumline that caused the toxic metals in the air to dance like tracers around Jared’s respirator.
A hand softly grasped his side, as another respirator spoke into his ear, “Are you the chalky, Jared Eleclair?”
“I am trying to work , this station is dangerous i need to pay attention.”
“You need to listen.”
“To who?”
“A friend, or an Allie, who might need you.”
“Why would i help you i am a chalky remember.(Chalky is a slang that refers to the theriniumans milky white skin)”
“I am called Primron you can pay me back after you take this and run to Anna’s station.”
The man handed Jared the forger’s hammer and the brother sailed to the storage room Annalesse worked in.
The filthy ruffians holding Anna turned toward jared,
“He’s purdy thang too.”
“The doc sez deez chalkies are morphadikes let’s see.”
In a blur that testified to the pugilistic arts of the Eleclaire clan,two thugs departed for the afterlife,by way of a forger’s hammer .
It’s alright now Anna.”

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