My Smile is my Make-up...

Jo smiled at her, a mask of well meaning lies. The thing was that Jo was filled with jealousy and she did not know how she was going to cope with this situation, let alone all of the other ones that were to come.

She had never thought that Amy’s modelling would bother her. She had seen Amy’s portfolio, but they had been curled up on the sofa together, the morning after they had first made love. It was exciting to see these beautiful pictures of her new lover in all her glory. Now that she was here, a photographer and his assistant looking at her, and talking about how to make her look more sexy, and Amy taking delight in the process, the motives of the shoot and the result; it was a shock.

Men and women all over the world were going to see these pictures and be turned on by something that Jo felt should be for her alone. She knew that she had to get over this or hide it from Amy. Amy wanted to do this, loved doing this and she was so happy that Jo seemed so supportive, and Jo felt so lost and so scared.

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