Do you Ever Find Yourself?

Do you ever find yourself waiting by the phone for him, waiting for his ringtone, and to just hear his voice? Because you know that means for at that time, doesn’t matter how long, he showed that he cares?

Do you find yourself seeing to two people laughing together in love and you wish that was you and him? Then you think of all the things you would do if you were with him and wonder if all of those things will ever happen?

Do you ever find yourself skipping songs until you find just the right one? Then listening to it a thousand times because it reminds you of him? Also singing to it so loud, hoping that just somehow, he is out there listening?

Do you ever find yourself thinking about him and wonder to no end, if he is thinking of you? Then you wonder if he ever does think of you, what does he think?

Do you ever find yourself realizing that you really like him, but there is nothing you can do but just hope he feels the same? And when you have dreams about him, you hope he has dreams about you?

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