Clueless, That's Me

Me: Something is up with you.

I tell him after practice. Butt head wasn’t focused at all today. We sit on the bench and untie our skates.

Scott: What do you mean?
Me: You know what I mean. We landed a couple of lifts, but it seemed like the whole time, you were focused somewhere else.
Scott: I am fine…
Me: You are not fine. Want to tell me what is up?
Scott: Ok. There is this girl and I like her a lot. We have been friends for a long time and I just haven’t had the guts to tell her how I feel. Now she is with another guy and I feel I may be losing my chance.

He looks straight at me in the eye, almost trying to tell me something. I blink in confusion. I wonder who the girl is.

Me: Who is it!?
Scott: Man, How the hell can you be so damn clueless!?

He slams the bench in anger in leaves. Huh?

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