Open letter

I don’t believe anything you say anymore. Want to. But can’t.

Phantom cars “loaned” to you by “friends from work”. You’ve been working there for a handful of weeks. They trust you enough already to give you their car? Funny. Because I’ve known you for five years or so and I wouldn’t give you my car.

You also never seem to be home when you claim you are. Yes, I’m home. Then why are your lights off and why are you not answering the door? Why is your roommate answering and telling me you’re not home? Why am I able to walk into your room and see that you’re not there? Are you hiding? Are you invisible? Or, are you lying?

Please keep in mind that this is not jealousy. It’s merely a confrontation about truth. You claim you love me, you know how I feel about lies, and still, you lie.

I’m calling “bullshit.”

Whose house are you at tonight?

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