The Target (Unexpected Twist Challenge)

He strode across the pavement, looking as confident and intimidating as a man could look. People glanced up at him as he walked past, but he paid them no mind. He was a man on a mission.
Target sighted. His dark eyes focused on the figure in the distance. Not a single thought went through his head, only the buzz of concentration. Nothing could distract him from his mission.
Even through the thick crowds, his target spotted him and crossed the street ahead. He took no mind of it and simply kept going straight, his eyes locked on the target. He shifted from follow mode to chase mode.
He came up almost parallel with the target and crossed the street. A few cars honked as he stepped off the sidewalk, but they didn’t deter him. He was within 100 feet of the target. Nothing else mattered right now except completing the mission. Less than 30 feet now. He put his hand in his coat pocket, and looked to the left to see the front of a bus right next to him and getting closer.
The target laughed.

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