The CIA Created the Green River Killer(Twisted History Challenge)

It had been almost 5 years since the colonel had ordered me to kill Hitler’s 1st mistress.
Normaly i would be killing men who were truly evil, by lining their heads up between the hairs and then pulling a trigger, i didn’t even kill them really, the bullets did that.
This however was different i knew these girls, i had recruited them, earned their trust, and put them in the spot to influence a monster or at least write down what he said at night.(every whore in Berlin said he talked in his sleep)
Then at the peak of their romance, i would sneak into their bathrooms or beds, get the intel and strangle, poison, or slice open the women who believed i was about to extract them from deep cover, as soon as they wrote the suicide note; of course.
I used to be a chaplin, i only took this position because my wife was an operative.We both have one more mission, I have to strangle this whore then i am discharged to go home and wait for my true love Mrs. Ava Braun at our dream home on the Green River, in Washington.

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