The door to hell (Spare the rod part 2)

The young boy driving the mules cowered down to prevent what he said was “infernal sand from fillin’ ma pie-hole.”
“Paw, wake up there are people.”
“Those lies will send you to hell like ya maw.”
“No fibbin paw, out in the sandstorm!”
BATCHAK The preacher’s Masonic buckle connected with the skinny boy’s back.
“I told ya about your lie..What kind of people would be..What are they eatin?”

The strangers left their quary to run with bloody mouths toward the preacher and his son.
Paw do sumptin they’z wild.” Teke whispered.
“Hey! stop right there that’s close enuff.”

The two people began to look less and less human, the closer they approached to the buckboard.
“Paw he is carryin’ a human hand do somethin”!!
“Please Lord of Hosts guide my hand, to right the devil’s abominations.”

The boy peered over the buckboard at the lifeless zombies who had been shot dead center mass.
“Paw is that them they be singin bout”
“Someone musta left the door to hell open son.”

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