Stupid Science Symposium (scavenger hunt challenge)

I entered the campus auditorium for the science symposium. I’d rather be out at the Secret Garden Restaurant and Pub with my friends, but I needed the extra credit to raise my G.P.A. to keep my scholarship.

I sat beside Larry, a real geek from my class, who insisted on calling me Apey throughout the whole first presentation on the big bang theory. He thought it was funny. I tried to ignore his incessant whispering and pay attention to the slide presentation.

The presenter was wearing a suit that must have been in his closet since 1981, and tried to connect with us by sharing stories about his college days in Indianapolis. I was so bored. I couldn’t focus on his words.

I looked around and counted 22 people seriously taking notes! My lab partner Bernie was there and gave an inconspicuous little wave my way, since I banned him from acknowledging me in public. He’s so gross!

The last slide was entitled “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”. And like it was so clever, the audience chuckled when it flashed up.


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