This Side of the Hudson: Closet Tunnels

“Well, since you phrased that so frankly, I’ll answer you frankly: This valley’s dang gorgeous,” she said simply. “That, and I’ve a good job.”
“Which is…?”
“Lawyer.” JJ’s jaw dropped.
“L-lawyer?” he squeaked. “So you could turn us in y’wanted to?” Sam gave him a smirk.
“Like I said, I don’t got a motive. You two didn’ kill anyone (that I know of), and ye-” She stopped, getting a good look at the trunk. Face serious, she lifted the lid; JJ braced himself like it was going to blow up. Her eyes widened.
“Lord save our souls,” she whistled. “I can’t believe you two bums got away with this sucker.”
“Now about them motives?” I asked slyly.
“Boy, I’m in too much awe to be slapping handcuffs and doin lawsuits.”
She started to say more when the doorbell sounded followed by harsh pounding. We all froze.
Leaning into us, she whispered, “There’s a tunnel through the closet that goes out back te the woods, ye should be able to get out. I’ll hold em off for ya.” We silently thanked her and made a run for it.

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