Get Out of the Road

I saw a man with silver hair and white eyes. He was beautiful and scary all at the same time. He had me in a very small and dark cell. He was so very close to me, his face near my jawline.He was whispering something to me so lightly i could barely hear it.
‘Do not upset me. Do not upset Demitri, or there will be grave consequenses for Jordan.’
My face went totally blank while my mind was in turmoil.Who was this man and how does he know Jordan?
‘And remember, eat. You need to be healthy.’
My vision started clouding again and my entire body was bieng compacted again. The vision had ended.
‘Are you fucking retarded!? Get out of the road!’ an angry man yelled.
I ran out of the street, deeply embarassed, but also deeply troubled. Who would want to kidnap me? Who would kidnap Jordan? When would this happen?
I never thought about how I could get out of this, because my visions always came true.

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