Im Done

No more cutting
No more pain
im tired of you
and this game

Thank you
for finding soone else
Thank you
for tearing my heart out
Because now
everything else
wont feel as painful

I can endure the heartbreak of other relationships
I can move on with my life
i can forget you
i can love somone else

And i will
i will find someone new
someone who wont break my heart
someone who isnt like you
who wont do what you did to me
who wont play me
who wont say they like me and not mean it
who wont ask me out and then take it back

but guess what im done with you
and this game
im jsut done
Oh yeah u should know this was all a lie

I wont find someone new
in not happy for you
i dont think i can move on
i cant do this
and i wont

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