What would have been?

These walls fell for you
When everyone else was pushed away
you found a way
a way through my defenses
a way to my heart
and you broke it
you tore it apart

A million tiney pieces lay in your shadow
as you walk out of my life
Out of my life but not out of my past
Those memories….yes the ones we made together
those will last
They will be with us
unable to be forgoten or lost

What was between us was never ment to be
or else it would have been
what would it have been?
We didnt take that step so we wont know what could have been.

My heart still beats
yes its strue
but no longer does it beat for you
it beats for no one
too much pain comes in loving someone

16 years to build defenses
16 years of pushing people away
16 years of knowing what will happen what i let someone in

ok. so i was right
guys to play girls
they do play us like a game
a game they always win
their hearts remain
while ours are in pain

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