Should i be me?

Would a thousand words bring you back?
How about a thousand tears?
I dont know .can i try?
If i show you how much i want you back
will you come?
If i think of exactly the right thing to say
will it work?
will you let me stay?
They say music is the words we cannot say,but i say
that the heart has words for which we cannot speak
the feelings of our heart cannot be turned into simple words
because words,are just letters
they hold no meaning when writen,or spoken
they can be expressed
through simple gestures
and the simplest look in your eyes
it was in your eyes once
or i thought it
i dont know what to do
im lost when im not around you
i dont want to change
but thats what you want from me
could i?
should i change who i am?
should i not be me?
you liked me
i dont know why
if you liked me then then why not now?
im still the same person
my heart is broken
i have no words that can be spoken
no words that can be
that will fix this pain
but shutting it away works.

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