A Date to the Eagle Site

Gerard hit the accelerator, launching off the top of the rise. It took a few seconds before the buggy thumped back to the ground.

A smile spread across his stubbled face.

Amy was squealing. “Too much, G! Slow down!”

Gerard eased off and looked to his left. “OK, we’re almost there anyway. Wimp.”

He weaved the buggy around boulders, scattered around a crater. Up ahead, they saw lights glowing at the Visitor’s Center.

“You know, I’ve never come out here.” Amy said reverently.

“That’s crazy. I come here all the time. I’ve been to all the sites.” Gerard replied.

Rounding the last boulder, Gerard eased to a stop. They both got out and walked up to the energy fence.

On the other side stood a relic. Maybe eight feet tall, stubby. Four padded spider legs rested in the dirt.

An old American flag…only fifty stars…stood motionless a few feet on the other side, surrounded by ancient footprints.

Gerard felt Amy’s hand holding his through the glove. “They called this one The Eagle.” He said.

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