This Side of the Hudson: Disadvantage of Book-Smarts

JJ & I sat in the back of the cop car silently, for the most part; JJ would occasionally whimper. After a time, two officers climbed into the front of the car. “Good news, boys,” one said sarcastically, “You pulled off something so big, it’s only AFP -worthy.”
“AFP?” JJ asked, eyes wide. “Y’mean, gulp Auburn Federal Prison?” The other one cracked a small grin.
“You been keeping up with yer jails, haven’t ya?” JJ let out a small sob. One thing that came as a slight advantage or disadvantage with JJ was that he was book-smart. He and I both knew that where we were going happened to be the prison where the first electric chair was used. I hoped that 1) it was illegal in New York to use, or 2) our pinch wasn’t shock-worthy.
“We got a long ride from Schenectady t’Auburn,” the first cop said, turning on the car. “You might as well get comfortable.” I felt JJ shudder next to me.
“Joey?” he whispered. I grunted in acknowledgment. “What’s gonna happen t’us?”
I paused. “I… I dunno, JJ. I just dunno.”

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