Am I To Blame?

Am I to blame?
Did I deserve to be lied to?
Do I honestly deserve every blow thrown at me?

When you were talking about me behind my back, did it once pass through your mind that I’m your best friend?
When you were planning on minipulating me, did you ever think of just straight out telling me about him?
When he texted me that you two were happy together and that should be enough for me, and when he sent that to you too, did you two intend for me to feel like a horrible person and cry?

You had told me that he asked you out and you never wanted me to speak of it again. So I thought you didn’t like him. That’s why I texted him that he shouldn’t ask you out.

But before the sleepover, he already did.
If you thought I woud be mad if you had just told me, how did you plan for me to feel after I found out?

I called you to work it out, out of the respect and friendship love that I have for you.
I thought I was to blame.
You said that this was just a wake-up call.
But really;
Am I to blame?

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