Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Web. (Aliens From Within Part 3)

J.D translated Little Owl’s (Navajo) message aloud,
“When a mosquito is in a spider web the spider lets it struggle and loose hope or maybe attract other (food)mosquitoes. NO MOSQUITOS ARE COMING . KILL THE SPIDER , Be poison not food.”
Sheriff Dedeaux spoke up ,”This doesn’t make sense, i say we meet here at first light and go talk to Little Owl in person.”

Early the next morning the sheriff walked into the hotel ready for the hike to Little owl’s, “Hey y’all don’t look ready.”
“Ready for what? Wednesday?”
“To hike up in the Whites to see the ole’ chief.”
“Why would we want to talk to the crazy ole coot.”
“We just had a meeting about it last night?”
“J.D are you alright?”
“Are y’all drunk? Annie Ladner was killed in the Store when a tower exploded through the ground yesterday!”
“Mister J.D i ain’t kilt, and the stores been burnt six months,we built the tower for tourism.You drinkin?”
Then two state police walked in, one holding a straight jacket, “Sheriff Dedeaux can we talk for a second?”

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