400 bacteria thrive in gardens and 140 of them are deadly.

And yet you let your kids play in gardens???

My Mom always let me play in the dirt, make and eat mud pies. Using only the most raw, available materials: worms, mud, and water. Didn’t she care for my welfare!!??

I always had my suspicions that mom and pop liked Chelsea, my sister, better than me. Then never let HER play in the mud. Suposedly because she is a girl, yea lame excuse!

Yea! And I remember that time I went to the hospital with a case of food posioning, and mom said it must have been some bad egg in the salad I ate at the resturant. But before eatting I had went to the bathroom, they must have slipped something in my food. Conspiracy, I tell you!!!

Wow, here I am raging on,but what about those poor kids who live on farms???

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