From Within

I pushed a tenative foot against it. It slipped beneath me in a visceral, guts and gore way.

I tried again. A hand this time. I tested the boundries of my world with the same result.

I both loved and loathed this glowing chamber. I knew it to be my haven as well as my prison. I could only bide my time until I no longer belonged there.

And I wondered about this creature. This “woman.” At least that is what the others called her. Even if it was in their muffled half-language. I wondered if she could hear my thoughts? Could she see with my eyes? Would she know that I can hear her thoughts? Even those that were unspoken? I could feel the hard ring of bone protecting my tiny form, cradling me…rocking me to sleep as she walked towards home.
I reached out again. This time with both hands. With equal results. They slipped down the slimy incline of her insides and came to rest before me.
How strange and wonderful this peach-orange glowing terminal. How gross and barbaric it’s feel.

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