Waiting, Hoping, Dreaming, Wishing

You started out as my friend. We got to know each other and had fun. Then against my mind’s thoughts, I wanted to become so much more to you.

I don’t know if you feel the same. You make me laugh and I wonder if I phase you. You make me smile and I wonder if I make you smile. I think about you and wonder if you ever think about me. I dream about you and I hope you dream about me.

I am siting by the phone waiting for your call. Waiting for you to tell me you want me. Waiting for you to tell me I am all you dream about. Waiting for you to say that I am all you see.

Will anything ever happen? I don’t know. Will I ever get the courage to call you? Probably not. For now I am hoping, wishing, dreaming, and waiting for you.

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