This Side of the Hudson: Little Secrets

3 Grueling Hours Later…
I lay on the floor, staring at the ceiling; JJ was cowering in a corner of our cell. “Well,” sniffed JJ, “This is it Joey.”
I rolled over. “Nah, it ain’ over till we say it’s over.” But I had a hard time convincing myself of this. Was it really over? Were we heading for, for-?
“Yeh gots a visitor,” a guard grunted to us, & Sam came into view. I’ve never more ecstatic and enraged in all my life.
“Sam!” JJ shouted in delight. I charged for her.
“What’s the idea, huh?” I hissed in her ear. “You said y’d hold off th’cops! Well look where it got us!”
“Well, ‘scuse me. I did the best I could, Mr HotShot,” she hissed back. “But it so happens I’m your defense f’this thing. I happen to know a bit bout the trunk you stole, more’n the cops do. But ifn you don’ want my help, I understand-”
“Joey, think about it,” JJ pleaded.
“What do you know?” I asked Sam. She whispered in my ear. “By God, I forgot about that!”
She grinned slyly. “So whateya say to winnin’ your lives back?”

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