A Leopard's Spots

Lord Windham’s suddenly grim look made me nervous. I decided to change the subject.

“Did you hear about de Grave and Isabella? They are to be married.”

Lord Windham’s eyebrows knit together. “Is that so? I wonder why the old boy didn’t bother to tell me.”

I tried very hard not to look surprised. I imagined that was something you would convey to your friend, but perhaps the two weren’t as close as I’d imagined. After all, when they greeted each other at the last ball they seemed like old friends who were catching up on lost time…

Lord Windham’s voice cut through my thoughts, “Well, what does the Dragon have to say about this union? I imagine she knows de Grave is one leopard who can’t change his spots.”

I snapped my fan shut and whirled around to face Lord Windham, pulling my arm out of his. “Whatever does that quaint metaphor mean, sir?”

“I mean, my dear Miss Delacourt, that de Grave has a reputation that precedes him. Surely you’ve heard the tongues wag about him.”

“Sorry, I don’t listen to gossip.”

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