Half of Evil

Emily opened her eyes slowly. The events that had happened did not fully hit her mind until after a few moments. She jumped up.

She was no longer in the hospital. It was a dark room. She lay on a couch against the wall. That was all that occupied the room. Emily could see a door on the other wall and walked towards it. While she contemplated on opening it or not, the Wonderball man slammed the door open.

“Ah, you’re awake. How do you feel?” he asked her.

“I’m fine…Where am I? Where’s Dana?” The questions were flooding her mind and she was asking them as she thought them.

“You are in my home. I brought you here to keep you safe.” He waited for her to ask another question.

“Are you the Wonderball?” Emily eyed him suspiciously. After all, the Wonderball is what got her in such a mess in the first place.

“I am one half of it, yes.” Half of it? As she thought it, he continued to explain. “The other half is what tried to hurt you by taking you to the room and tried to choke you as I emerged.”

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