If you show me yours i will comment on it The Poem(or comment on mine and i'll comment on yours or eat lit cigerettes)

some times their remarks aren’t completely thought out
but sometimes their words are melifluous shouts
brought down from olympus on seraphim wings
but some ficleter screams “you don’t know a thing”
“Are you blind can you read are you Hellen Keller?”
“Did you learn how to write in the dark in a cellar?”
Then the pc goes flying like a pricey U. F. O.
Then we scream an we cuss and we demolish our legos

The next day we are pouting and continue to cuss
at the P.C shop then at TOY ’S R US
Then we remember the story that we loved when we wrote
And, “still no comments!! I’ll just slit my throat.”
“Just someone comment even if its bad.”
So with repair bill in hand and new legos in bag
I break this meter to swear you this oath.
If you comment on my work
I swear i will comment back
immeadiatly on one of yours,
with the commenting speed of THX ,
no matter your comment,
or how lame the story
because i am lame sometimes too

Or may a lit camel non-filter get lodged in my throat.

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