Dreaming of a Different Future

Tanya felt herself make a sudden and involuntary intake of breath, as the zepplin appeared out of the fog. It was almost silent, as it slipped into view, tendrils of mist curling down the sides of the hull, like strands of gossamer.

She had always been fascinated by dirigibles, she was fairly sure that it was because the first Bond movie that her parents had let her see was the one with the fantastic airship in a shed. Now here she was about to board her creation. She was a modernised re-creation of the Hindenberg that was no longer susceptible to the weaknesses that led to the famous disaster that destroyed the reputation of airships on the world stage.

If this flight went well she would be one step closer to making a success of the most off the wall idea that anyone had had for a while; the return of trans Atlantic airship cruising as an alternative to jet airliners. The concept was simple; rather than rush to New York in five to six hours, why not arrive having spent two and a half days in luxury?

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