Chimerism.(The Others Chapter 9)

After the factory closed they followed Primron to his shanty of a house to hear what they may do for him. As they walked in the door they saw Primron’s Therenium wife.
She fell prone on the ground before the dirty pale factory workers.
“please get up we are all the same people now please rise.”
After a meager meal of noodle soup( 3 noodles were boiled and then they drank the water from them) ,primron explained.
He said his wife wanted a child and they tried with great difficulty, but he knew a theriniuman could do it.
“First she must be washed” said Jared.
So Jared and Primron washed the woman and brought her into the bedroom, each man standing on different sides of the bed.
“Annalesse she is ready.”
Primron’s head swam laps when the beautiful naked girl entered the room, with her tiny hands trying to cover her penis.
Primron we can leave now she knows what to do.” whispered Jared.

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