Achieving Communication

Our silence was broken by a crackle out of the speakers. We all ran to the control room, tripping over each other.

“Space Station to Houston, do you read?” I anxiously awaited reply.
“We do not copy, over.”
” Kennedy…..orida”
“Copy Kennedy. What is going on?”
”.... worldwide….Clouds of dust,...flooding,...massive,...we are operating on generators.”
“What caused the dust cloud?”
“U.S…ombs hit Mexico…istorted weather…”
“Kennedy I’m going to try to make our connection clearer, you’re breaking up.” After some modifications, “Kennedy, copy?”
“Copy. This is Kennedy minimally operating by generator. A hurricane has knocked out power to all gulf states.”
“Did you say Mexico was bombed?”
“U.S. diverted terrorist bombers headed toward California, but they “accidentally” deployed on the Mexican border. Most of the western states are sealed due to possible radiation. Dust has eliminated satellite communication for most of the hemis…”
The control room was silent.

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