The clouds all wagged their tails

Jeremy wanted to look like a crazy man out to get his cash. His sister obviously wasn’t taking him seriously, and that was a massive flaw in his brilliant plan.

“You know damn well as I do that ma and pa got me out of debt, fuck wad, you just carried the cash over for them! Fucking pocketed some of it too; shit! You owe me if anything!â€? His sister yelled down from her balcony.

“Oh shit.â€? Jeremy said, to himself mostly. He knew his sister was right, and he had absolutely pocketed some of the cash his parents had told him to deliver to his sister. He deserved it though, not like they paid him for running their errands or anything. He quickly tried to recover, in the face of such blatant and brutal logic.

“Oh shit, you fucking went there, eh? Things are going to happen now Kari, you don’t even know!â€? The bat left his hand before he really thought about it, spinning end over end in a vicious path before slamming into the glass sliding door separating his sister’s balcony from the rest of her apartment.

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