The clouds all played fetch

That grand sliding glass invention, the great gateway between comfortable exterior and more comfortable interior, shattered into more shards than anyone should ever have to count. Kari and Jeremy both stood extremely still, looking at each other for a moment that lasted a little too long. Eventually Kari turned and looked at the busted window and than turned back to Jeremy.

“Alright Jeremy, I got a twenty you can borrow.â€? Her voice was hollow sounding and she hiccuped once. Her face was a mask of resignation mixed with a little shock and awe.

“Just let me go climb over my broken fucking glass door and bring it down to you.â€? She disappeared from view into the apartment and Jeremy bit his lower lip a little too hard due to the worry he was now feeling, he stopped when he tasted blood and started spitting it out unto the pavement. The blood pooled into the shape of a dog.

Looking down, Jeremy failed to see his sister walk out of the front door to the apartment building holding their Dad’s old army pistol.

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