The clouds all rolled over

Kari had all the time in the world to aim, but didn’t need it since she had been a world class shot from the age of 12. The gun went up, trigger pulled, the bullet spurted out and into Jeremy’s right thigh before the door she had come barging out of had even closed.

“The fuck now, Jerms? The. Fuck. Now?â€? The gun stayed locked on Jeremy’s other thigh as he went down holding the spot where the bullet had gone in. His face contorted in pain, but this being the fourth time his sister had shot him during the 26 years he had been alive, he didn’t cry out because he knew if he didn’t answer her question quickly she would just shoot him again.

“I’ll pay for the window, seriously! I’m sorry! Don’t fucking shoot me again! I got carried away!â€? Said through the pain of a bullet wound it came out a little slurred but the apology reached Kari’s ears and she lowered the gun. As she turned around and walked back inside she had no response to her brother’s random actions other than to shake her head and laugh a little.

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