Deep in the mine [The Dead Tell Tales Challenge]

When it got to the point that time no longer mattered, there were only two of us left.

There was thirty of us on the first day, just after the tunnel had collapsed, back when we had still had light. Murder and justice had taken the lives of six of us on that day. Searching for a way out had claimed seven in the few days after. The ten who refused to survive off the dead didn’t last much longer than a week.

When the last light went out we were down to 7.

Charlie and Hank had passed away while we had all slept, their voices didn’t join in the song of waking and we stumbled over their bodies in the darkness. Sam, Jones, and Peter all took their own lives, slicing their throats one by one with the same hatchet, gurgled screams resonating through the tunnels was the last we heard from them.

In the darkness there was just the two of us, the new kid and myself. We were dead, we just refused to admit it. We sat back to back, and we told stories to each other till the calming sleep of death finally took us away.

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