A great day

As he was waking up gently, he felt with a keen sensation that it is going to be a great day. From his bed he could see the sky and all the yellow post-it notes in the fridge.

Few years ago, he was diagnosed with an unusual case of amnesia. He can memorize Illiad but cannot remember small, day to day details. Sometimes he even forgets if he likes choclate or not. The doctor couldn’t help him much, so he came up with this system, yellow notes all over the apartment. It works, most of the time.

Slowly, he stood up, enjoying each moment. He started the water for the coffee. He looked at the grocery bill from last night , apples, oranges, coffee, cookies. Another yellow note next to it, “Don’t Forget, cookies are in the left cupboard.” He walked up to the table, picked up some oranges and decided to make some juice. As the water came to boilng he went near the stove and noticed another yellow note by the counter. Sipping orange juice, he read aloud: “You are allergic to oranges. Don’t eat one. You will die.”

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