Carnival Piano [Scavenger Hunt Challenge]

Her new KEMB3 -M1983 robot, complete with it’s Cheshire Cat “grin,” insisted on being called Zoe. It (she) offered tea thirteen times a day; she didn’t even like tea! Anoty Adplaya became one of the most miserable persons on her floor.
But that didn’t keep people from liking Anoty. She could explain almost anything in plain English. She made quantum theory seem easy! She claimed not to have a life, which kept her from almost all media except newspapers, books, and radio. But everyone loved her. She kept the old lounge around and open for business; the manager knew it was Anoty that kept people coming in for homework help. Another reason that kept people around was her piano ability.
Anoty loved her piano job at the lounge. She knew every song in the book, even the obscure weirdo songs.
The only thing wrong with the place was the “carnival piano”. It sounded horrid. But that never seemed to stop people from filling the dough jar. In the skill that eased relativity, she coaxed beauty from junk.

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