Love Conquers Fear

Hannie’s eyes fluttered, she smelled damp earth and tasted blood. Her ankle hurt. A lot.

“Hannie!” a bass voice bellowed faintly, but from where? She sat up. Her head swam, so she held it in her hands and closed her eyes until the earth stopped moving. Then she opened her eyes and searched for signs of human life. In the darkness she thought she saw eyes, dark shapes moved through every bush.

“Hannie!” the voice called, dissolving her fear. She turned and saw a beam of light flash through the tree branches.
“Here!” her weak voice cracked. She cleared her throat and tried again, “Over here!”

“Over here!” screamed the voice and the flashlight beam swooped in her direction. She squinted when the beam found her and shaded her eyes.

“Hannie! Oh, Hannie! We were so worried! What are you doing out here? Are you hurt?” her mother knelt and squeezed her tight to her bulging belly and soft chest.
“You were worried?” she asked.
Hannie smiled.

“Let’s get you home.” Her Dad picked her up in his strong arms.

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